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Welcome to Chilliwack School District

Chilliwack School District is a rapidly growing community of learners that values and celebrates every student and staff member for who they are through the lens of super-diversity. In simple terms, super-diversity acknowledges that there are multiple ways of being in a school community that coexist simultaneously. It's more than just acknowledging diversity - it's recognizing that it is a multidimensional experience (such as one can be gifted, come from a different cultural context, and be a member of the 2SLGBTQI+ community) and that we all share the responsibility to create a safe and caring school community where everyone can see themselves as champions for the human spirit and human rights. 

This website holds resources and information to assist with the work that we do and to celebrate the super-diversity of our community. 

Inclusive Schools

~One heart, one mind, working
together for a common purpose~
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